ConversionRuler Features

No desktop software to install
ConversionRuler runs completely as a web service. You access your reports through the ConversionRuler web site, and can access them from any computer! Top
Painless installation, great support
We offer a suite of tools to aid your installation, tools to verify your installation, and offer 2 hours of free technical support (including order snippet code generation in PHP, ASP, CFM, JSP, perl, CGI, and others) to help you with your site integration. You are not alone, and we want to help! Top
Accurate Tracking and reporting
Our tracking statistics have stood the test of time and have been used to identify cases of click fraud. Our server architecture is stable and reliable, and our service provider guarantees 99.99% uptime of their network, a combination which leads to better information to make better and more informed marketing decisions! Top
Great value for the price
We offer a reliable and affordable product without hurting your bottom line. Customers can save more than their subscription price in their PPC costs by using our data. In addition, for Pro Accounts, we offer a discounts when you have 5 sites active in a month! Top
Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity
Our tracking and reporting system is easy to learn and simple to maintain. Unlike products which require you to define your campaigns first, then configure your clickthrough URLs, you can generate any campaign simply by writing your landing URL using our syntax. You can freely modify and update your campaigns without having to log into your account. They are registered automatically upon someone clicking on them! Top
Professional Features
For SEO, SEM, and PPC consultants, we offer a Pro Account which lets you add, remove, and maintain any number of sites within your account, all summarized in a single monthly bill! Pro Accounts may also create and manage distinct users within our system to delegate snippet installation (say, for developers), reporting (for your clients) and configure permissions on the fly! Top
Details you can use
Only ConversionRuler ROI tracking allows you to get access to the core data in any suite of reports - you can download a CSV formatted file (compatible with all spreadsheet programs) and filter and modify data down to the date, time, IP address, referring URL, order amounts and numbers, and any further information that you need! Top
Link tracking
Need to track when someone leaves your site and goes elsewhere? How about when they download your PDF which indicates they are interested in your services? ConversionRuler ROI Tracking allows you to track any link on your site as an action which is tied to the visitor's landing. Top